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Welcome to the Wolf Pack!
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Welcome to the Wolf Pack!

Welcome to the new and improved Wolf Pack site! Please feel free to browse around the site or get to know us on the forums. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get ahold of us.

Mhaddy @ 01:00 AM EST

Feret @ 02:19 PM EST
Well it is official now, the Ultra Force is merging with us as of this weekend. They will be forming their own swords under the Wolf Pack banner and you may see them with a tag like ^WP-UF^. If you see them welcome them into our family. Also there will be a practice on Wednesday evening at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time. ICQ or Email Falcon for the server info.

Date: Sat Oct 05, 2002
Feret @ 09:41 AM EST
We have had several of our wolves pass their tests for promotion. Congratulations to Knight Prime Qwick Silver, Knight Rain, and Knight DesertRat. We are proud of you guys and anticipate many great things from you.

Date: Fri Aug 23, 2002
Mhaddy @ 04:00 AM EST
AnnieO sure is something else. As most of you may know, she has been in and out of the hospital for quite some time now but she's doing great on her recovery. However, she hasn't been sitting still, ohhhh no. Instead, she's been keeping her hands busy and came up with this:

^WP^ Stitched!

Now how's that for dedication? :)

Date: Sun Aug 18, 2002
Mhaddy @ 04:47 AM EST
Aye, thanks to a kick in the pants by Voci in this forum thread at the Starsiege Community forums, I've created a banner for the WP. If you'd like to link to us, please use this banner.

Date: Thu Jul 11, 2002
Mhaddy @ 06:19 PM EST
Happy birthday y'old Geezer! It is with great honour that I wish you the best on your special day bro, you're one of my oldest and most trusted online buddies and I'm so glad that I've met'cha. If everyone could take a minute out of their day to either email Tanq ( or post a quick message in the thread below, I'm sure it'd make his day.

*MD raises his glass to Tanq's...* Here's to you bro, hope you have a great one!

- forum thread

Feret @ 11:45 AM EST
From Falcon

"Next Wednesday, July 17, we're going to try something a bit different in practice.

We're going to have a match (or two, or three, or however many) of SS Football. If we can get enough people on both sides, the plan is to play the Wolf Pack against the Visitors. You can invite guests, but please get them in touch with Falcon, as he is both organizing the event and will be giving out the server password on the night of the game.

Falcon says he will probably have a Football server up a few times this week if anyone wants to get a refresher on the game; it isn't played very much at all these days, which is why Falcon thought this would be a fun idea."

Date: Sun Jul 07, 2002
Mhaddy @ 03:25 AM EST
Well, it took me a while but I finally had some time today to sit down and figure out what was wrong with the profiles. The problem has been fixed and everyone should now be able to update their profile as they see fit. If there are any problems still, please let me know.

Date: Sun Jun 30, 2002
Mhaddy @ 08:12 AM EST
Yeah yeah, I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but bear with me. Our private forum is now properly secure, but I have not added all of our pilots to the list yet so if you don't have access and think you should, please get in touch with me.

Date: Sun Jun 23, 2002
Feret @ 09:41 AM EST
Everyone please welcome our newest wolves: Little Gun, Kronix, and DesertRat to our pack. We know you will do us proud. Also, Falcon will be hosting a server for practices on Wednesdays at 8pm EST. Please send him an ICQ for the password or any further information.

Date: Thu Jun 20, 2002
Feret @ 01:53 PM EST
Hey guys, in case you have not heard by now, Sapphire and Feret are expecting a baby. The expected date of birth is January 25th, but we will see if that date will hold up.

Date: Thu May 23, 2002
Mhaddy @ 06:58 AM EST
I just finished the move on our new forums, they're still located at but we have strayed from vBulletin to Phorum. Why? Simply because I don't have the money to keep up the license with the vBulletin and it hardly gets used anyways. So, Phorum will suit our needs for the time being.

Anyhow, you don't have to reregister on our new forums to post (unless you are afraid that someone will post under your handle). Let me know if there is anything that you guys want changed, or added.

Date: Fri Mar 08, 2002
Mhaddy @ 05:28 PM EST
I was just talking to Bronco on ICQ and guess who answered? Annie herself! She let us know that she's home now, for short periods of time, mind you, and that she's going to be just fine... 6 months down the road. We're still cheering you on Annie, get well soon :)

Date: Thu Mar 07, 2002
Mhaddy @ 02:37 PM EST
An update from Bronco sends word that Annie has been upgraded to serious condition, but she is in stable condition. Hang in there Annie, we're all cheering for ya!

Date: Sun Mar 03, 2002
Mhaddy @ 09:50 AM EST
Vyper posted on our forums of a very severe accident that has happened to our beloved Annie Oakley. Details are scarce at the moment, and all we know is that she is holding on in intensive care... so please, take a moment out of your day and pray for her.

We are with you Annie, please pull through!

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